The Section of Cardiology provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with cardiovascular diseases.


This department is designed to provide the patients with 24/7 emergency services for the ones fighting for their lives. There are specialists assigned with shifts in this department to treat the serious cases. The department is equipped with upgraded technological machines.


Our General Surgery department at Clifton Kidney & General Hospital is concerned with diseases related to the alimentary tract, endocrine system, abdominal areas such as pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, intestines (small and large both), appendix, liver, and other digestive organs. 


Gynecology mainly deals with the issues regarding a female reproductive system, fertility, pregnancy and menstruation. Our specialists are highly informed about a female body and hence giving you the best possible advice and treatment. Issues regarding a female body are dealt with patience and care, which is supremely taken care of at CKGH. 


CKGH holds the best primary functionality of dialysis in Karachi through this department. Hemodialysis is the number of processes that a dialyzer performs when your kidneys are no longer working.


At CKGH we have round the clock staff with 24 hour monitoring , at our ICU. We provide treatment for multiple organ failure and for the critically ill patients.